Eric Venturini – The University of Maine

Eric Venturini has a diverse background in resource management, research, and agriculture. His experience includes over two years of work on organic farms and over 200 days at-sea helping to manage long-line and trawl fisheries in Pacific. He is now studying at the University of Maine and expects to receive his Masters of Science in May, 2014.

Eric’s role on the Pollination Security Team is to study the influence that bee pasture has on native bee communities in Maine’s lowbush blueberry fields. He is very involved in outreach, regularly speaking to any and all interested groups. If you are interested in bee pasture wildflower mixes, native bee habitat enhancement, farming and gardening using bee friendly practices, or sustainable crop pollination Eric would be excited to hear from you.

If you can’t find Eric studying bees in a blueberry field, he is probably gardening, fishing, hunting, hiking, walking his redbone coonhound, or chopping wood in the backyard.

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