Frank Drummond – The University of Maine

Professor of Insect Ecology and Blueberry Insect Pest and Pollination Extension Specialist 

I am the director of Maine’s efforts at providing sustainable pollination for lowbush blueberry in the Northeast through the Pollination Security Project. Day to day tasks are to advise graduate students that are conducting vital research on this project (9 students) and to be the spokes person for the project, especially involving contact with blueberry growers, honey bee keepers, and Maine state and non-profit agencies. In addition, my personal research focuses on the pollination ecology of lowbush blueberry. This area of research involves bee foraging and floral handling behaviors as well as plant growth and development responses to the environment. My skills as a statistical modeler also allow me to provide the project with predictive modeling capabilities.  

Contact Information


Tel.: 207 581-2989