Philip Moore -The University of Tennessee

Philip Moore is the current content manager for the Bee Health community of practice on Prior to beginning this position he completed a Master of Science degree in Entomology at The University of Tennessee under the supervision of Dr. John Skinner, State Apiculturist  and Professor and a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Prior to completing his degrees he studied Web Page Design and Development at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee. 

Philip’s interest with bees sprouted during his undergraduate program. He was recruited to join the Bees and Beekeeping extension program after a fruitful internship with the U.T. Institute of Agriculture, Organic and Sustainable Crops Farm. He began by learning honey bee colony management, IPM, and honey extraction. Then he initiated the U.T. Apiaries involvement with the burgeoning U.T. Farmers Market. As the market reached more consumers and added diverse vendors, Philip’s market repertoire expanded; U.T. Apiaries begun selling Ten Year Aged Honey, Cut Comb Honey, Beeswax Lip Balm, Hand and Body Salve, Gift Baskets and more!

Philip’s academic interests are with the pollination services of bees rather than their honey reward. His Masters thesis was titled Evaluating the Pollination Ecology of Pityopsis ruthii (Asteraceae), which was funded by a fellowship from The Garden Club of America. He is currently employed by the University of Tennessee as an Extension Assistant. 

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mobile: 615-423-6175

office: 865-974-5367