Shannon Chapin – The University of Maine

Shannon Chapin is currently a graduate research assistant working towards a Master of Science in Ecology and Environmental Science at the University of Maine, under Drs. Cynthia Loftin and Frank Drummond. Shannon’s research focuses on using spatial modeling tools to assess the effects of landscape characteristics on Maine’s native bees.

She received a BS in Geography, with minors in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, and Climatology from The Pennsylvania State University, and a graduate certificate in Geospatial Sciences from Humboldt State University. Prior to graduate school, Shannon worked for 5 years as a field ecologist and GIS specialist for various federal agencies located across the country.

Shannon’s career goals are to continue to combine her interests, education, and work experiences in the fields of Geospatial Sciences and Ecology. Post graduate school, Shannon hopes to contribute to the federal, state or local government, or a non-profit agency with a focus on conservation planning, wildlife monitoring, analyzing agricultural resource issues, and/or automation and optimization of ecological data collection and processing.

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